Bonnie - Bumble Bees
Infants - 4 weeks - 15 months

Megan - Bear Cubs
Pre-toddlers -  15 months - 2 years

Mona/Megan R. - Lily Pad
Toddlers - 2 years - 3 years 

Meg - Owl's Nest

Young Preschool - 3-4 year old's

Lisa - Frog Pond
Preschool - 4-5 year old's

Lesa - Bullfrogs
School age - K-12 years

Katie - Butterflies
Monday/Wednesday/Friday- preschool
Tuesday/Thursday - preschool

Jodi - Cook

Our child care is an extension of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, whose purpose is to proclaim God's love in Jesus.  We believe that child care and preschool in a Christian environment will provide each child with added blessings as the child grows in relationship toward himself, others, God, and God's world.

Our Purpose
To provide a positive, caring, licensed child care program for children ages 4 weeks through 12years.

To meet the basic needs of the child for:

-good health, physical, and spiritual development
-attention, acceptance, affection, self-esteem, and positive self image
-opportunities to experience success and to test his/her mental, physical, and spiritual powers
-self-identify and a sense of competence and worth in the Christian atmosphere
-relations with adults and children that recognize individual rights and those of others
-respect for adults and other children

To foster the unique abilities, and to meet the individual needs of each child.

The staff of St. Paul's Little Lambs Child Care and Preschool welcomes you.  We want you to know that we share a mutual interest and concern for the growth and development of your child.  We recognize that the primary responsibility for your child's growth belongs to you, the parent(s).  Therefore, we strive to help you by providing the best away-from-home environment in an atmosphere of Christian love.